Professional HMO Management for Portfolio Investors and busy Landlords in London
Professional HMO Management for Portfolio Investors and busy Landlords in London
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You need HMO management services if you are looking to
Gain more profit and reduce your voids
We will achieve maximum potential rental income per room and will keep all rooms occupied at all times. Our systems and processes specifically designed to do just that in a most efficient way
Save your time and effort managing multiple tenants
Let us take care of finding tenants and setting up tenancy agreements, as well as responding to maintenance queries, collecting rent and, above all, complying with ever growing laws and regulations.
Receive maximum return from your investment
We will setup your property with all required furniture, decorations, interior design and all necessary repairs to attract high quality tenants and ensure long term profitable cash-flow with minimum voids and maximum gains.
Comply with industry regulations, health & safety
We will ensure property is fully licensed and compliant under the HMO register of your local council. Let our highly experienced professionals fill out all of the required applications and ensure everything has been done correctly.
Minimize your risks and protect your downside
We will secure your income against rent arrears and content against any damages at no extra cost with reputable insurance provider. We will also manage all process behind insurance claims, court orders, money claims and evictions
Have control and visibility
Receive monthly summary, as well as detailed itemized transaction reports about all incoming and outgoing transactions. Get a clear view of your cash-flow every month and have all the right information to make timely informative decisions
Our Landlords trust us based on the following facts
HMO Properties in portfolio
Years on the market
Dedicated team members
Support hot line
We are current members of the following professional associations
More about us
We are family-based business with high ethical standards and personal approach. We build quality relationships with people we work with, cultivating strong spirit and positive way of thinking.
We specialize exclusively in HMO management, therefore our extensive specialized skills and management style will anticipate any potential problems.
Our high-standard referencing system, in combination with the quality control measures, can guarantee your property will be well looked after. Our Landlords that continue to work with us on an on-going basis can attest to that.
We set high standards and we influence property industry.
Let us solve all of your problems!
Property Setup and Room Decoration
Your property will be 100% safe and secure, tastefully decorated and ready to receive new tenants. Offer also includes obtaining all of the necessary compliance certificates and safety checks

Professional photography of all rooms, common areas and exterior
Professional, attractive and creative photos that will assist you in finding quality tenants much quicker

Finding tenants based on your preferences
Entire process includes: Property marketing > Arranging and conducting viewings > Application processing > Referencing > Signing AST > Inventory preparation > First rent and the deposit collection

Tenants Management Service
Let us act as the first point of contact for any enquiries and maintenance requests from your tenants. Our 24/7 hotline is available for any emergency calls. This service includes the collection of rent and management of any outstanding arrears

Property Management Service
We will take care of arranging and managing any maintenance works and repairs, clearing the garden, regular housekeeping and inspections, managing builders, plumbers, electricians, etc. We will also provide you with a detailed monthly reports

HMO Licensing Services
With our help you will easily obtain HMO license as we will assist you throughout the entire process and will act on your behalf at every step. With our help you can avoid stressful dealings with the council, as well as lengthy application forms

Three things that we believe no one else does
We have built our own bespoke centralised management system that has been specifically designed to manage HMO properties. Through this system we are able to fully manage complete life-cycle of all tenants and rooms, such as room availability, marketing processes, viewings, tenant enquiries, maintenance works, invoicing, reminders, rent collection, financial and reporting aspects.
We offer full protection against rent arrears and damages by arranging rent guarantee insurance at no extra cost for Landlords. With our unique model we are offering tenants to move in without deposits, whilst still fully protecting Landlords against any damages and rent arrears. This allows us to fill rooms much quicker, reduce and in most cases completely eliminate voids whilst keeping everyone happy. Win-win-win 
We guarantee your satisfaction by offering you to test our services for 3 months - risk free! If you are not satisfied, we will refund 110% of all management fees that you have paid (just one question asked - what can we do better next time to ensure our Landlords are always happy?).
Few examples of our most recent work

- Landlord was receiving £1200 as a monthly rent through an agency.

- Flat was not properly maintained.  

- After 2 years he had to do a full refurbishment of an entire flat to bring it back to rentable state.  

- Cost of refurbishment was £1250 + 18 days of voids (£700) to finish all jobs and find new tenants. 

- Required safety certificates were missing, safety standards were not maintained properly.


+ Helped Landlord to manage all refurbishment works whilst keeping property partly tenanted to reduced voids.

+ Brought property in line with latest regulations and safety standards. 

+ Obtained safety certificates. 

+ As of now Landlord regularly receives £1900 monthly rent, which is an increase by £8400 per year 

+ We regularly inspect property and any maintenance jobs are now done within 1-3 days. 


- Block of 3 flats in central London managed by local agents.

- Not maintained, run down, dumps everywhere, not looked after, leaking pipes, pests and parasites in every flat 

- 4 empty rooms.

- 2 problematic tenants who were not paying rent and were trashing property.

- Damaged electric sockets, damaged radiators


+ Advising Landlord with eviction process, assisting with repairs and managing all works.

+ Brought all flats back to high standards in less than 2 month and rented all rooms with an increase in rent of each room by at least 20%.

+ Increased landlord monthly income by more than £1000 for each flat, in total achieving additional £3000 per whole block.

+ Over the last year 4 tenants have changed. Quick turnaround resulted in only 2 days of voids, which is 0.08% (just under £100 of lost income over the whole year).

+ 48 maintenance jobs completed in the last year with 3 being emergency and one was carried out over Christmas period.

This is what other Landlords are saying about us
"I've known Ilva for more than 24 month now as she and Alex manage my property. They do terrific job and I can highly recommend them if you are are going to work with them"

Thor Portess (Landlord, London)
"Both Ilva and Alex have great people skills and their rapport with the tenants is next to none, which naturally enables a smooth relationships on all fronts. I would highly recommend their services to anyone wanting their properties to be managed efficiently and to a high standard."

Aarti Shah (Landlord, London)
"Ilva & Alex have completely taken all the hassle from me and are now fully managing my property for more than 3 years. Property is always clean, tidy and good bunch of people live there. I know there are a lot of ongoing maintenance happening, but I hardly ever hear from them - they just do it all without my involvement. Thank you guys."

Jas Singh (Landlord, London)
Are you looking to increase your rental income and have a peace of mind with your HMO management?
If you are not happy - we will refund all your paid management fees 110%
So, what's next? How the whole process works?
Just give us a call on 020 3286 9025 or leave your details and we will get back shortly
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We will analyse market rates, demand and will also check HMO requirements in your area
You will then receive our initial research, numbers and preliminary management offer
After exchanging few more calls/emails, when you are happy with everything - we meet
We agree on terms, sign standard management agreement and proceed with our magic!
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Just give it a try. No obligations whatsoever. We will do full analysis of the market for your property, demand, cash-flow numbers, etc... Then, you will be better equipped to decide.  You have nothing to lose at this point. If you decide it is not suitable - then be it, it is perfectly fine

With Gratitude, 
Alex & Ilva
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